Contact Resistance Meter


DAC-MR-100A/DAC-MR-50A can measure low contact resistance of switches, breakers, bus bars, bushings preciously with 4-wire measurement method.
The meters are are ideal for measurement at both laboratory and on-site test instantly and easily with the resolution 0.1 micro ohm.


○ Contact Resistance Measurement for Power Circuit Breaker (GIS, Switch Gear)
○ Resistance Measurement for Bus Bar and Joint
○ Conductive Resistance Measurement for Cables


○ Light and Durable, only about 8 kg
○ Measuring Current DC 100A / DC 50A
○ Resolution:0.1 μ ohm
○ Kelvin Clips for Quasi Four Terminal Measurements


Model DAC-MR-100A DAC-MR-50A
Measuring range 0 - 1.9999 m ohm
0 - 1.9999 m ohm
0 - 19.999 m ohm
Measuring Current DC 100A±3% DC 50A±3%
Minimum Resolution 0.1µ ohm 0.1µ ohm
Measuring Current output 1.000V/100A 1.000V/50A
Display 4 1/2 digit (Max 1.9999) 4 1/2 digit (Max 19.999)
Size and weight W305xH245xD250(mm), 8.4kg W305xH245xD250(mm), 7.4kg


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