Company Profile

We, SOKEN ELECTRIC CO., LTD., has been aiming to produce the one and only measuring instrument, and embodied the original ideas to supply unique and useful products to a wide industrial field since its foundation in 1974.
As a manufacturer of precious electronic measuring instruments, we have contributed in the industrial fields, such as research, development, quality control and maintenance for power transmission/distribution facilities, household electrical appliances as well as electrical insulating materials. We continue developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art measuring instruments that support the industry from the root and the trunk.
Our mission is to produce measuring instruments being used as "The Standard" in the world widely, and to contribute to world progress.

Company Name Soken Electric Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 1-34-22, Tobitakyu, Chofu, Tokyo, 182-0036 Japan
Founded June 1, 1974
President Yasuhiro Nakayama
Capital JPY 30 million
Content of Business Manufacturing and Sales of Electric Measuring Equipment
No. of employees 40

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