Importance of Motor Coil Resistance Test

Importance of motor coil resistance test

A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
The resistance of motor coils affects energy loss and becomes heat, causing the temperature of the motor winding to rise.
Therefore, resistance testing on motor coils is important to ensure safety and to design energy efficient electrical equipment that can achieve "Carbon Neutrality".

SOKEN HOT LINE RESISTANCE METERS are designed to conduct temperature rising test of coils in motors and transformers under operating conditions.
Knowing the actual temperature rising value in the coil winding during operation is very helpful for safety evaluation and minimizing energy loss in electrical equipment.

Advantage of "Hot Line" Measurement.

We contribute to the design of energy-saving products to achieve carbon neutrality.

Until recently, the coil winding resistance is confirmed while the motor is stopped. This method assumes a natural logarithmic change in resistance after stop of operation, but complex products do not always follow this principal. In particular, the coils of motors with fans cool rapidly, and there can be large difference between the off-line value and the actual value.
To verify and ensure the safety of the product, it is ideal to measure the coil temperature while it is in the operation state.

True resistance test under operating conditions is possible with SOKEN HOT LINE RESISTANCE METERS.

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