Precision C & tanδ Meter


DAC-PSC-UA is a high precision measuring instrument having minimum resolution 0.0001% in tanδ. By selecting a standard capacitor, capacitance range from small to large and voltage range from low to ultra-high are available. The measuring range can be expanded further by using with an expanding CT (100:1, 200:1 or 1000:1).
DAC-PSC-UA can measure small dielectric losses of specimens at high voltage, and applicable to tests for high voltage cables, insulation materials and bushings, etc. The meter will provide great help to research and development of dielectrics and insulation materials.


● High-Voltage Cable
● Capacitors
● Insulation Materials


● Precise measurement of Capacitance and tanδ.
● Wide measurement range:
   Capacitance 50pF - 10μF (Max 10000μF when with expanding CT 1000:1)
   Testing Voltage AC 10V - 600kV
● Minimum Resolution of tanδ: 1×10^-6(1ppm)

Standard Capacitor (OPTION)


Rated Voltage:AC40kV 50/60Hz
Capacitance:100pF ±5%
tanδ: 0.001% or less
SF6 gas 0.5Mpa(20℃)
Size and weight:φ428xH812(mm) about 45kg


Rated Voltage: AC20kV 50/60Hz
Capacitance: 1000pF±1%
tanδ: 0.001% or less
SF6 gas 0.2Mpa (20℃)
Size and weight:φ428xH812(mm) about 45kg


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