C & tanδ Automatic Measuring Set
DAC-ASM-7 30kV

DAC-ASM-7 30kV

DAC-ASM-7 30kV type has been designed to perform dielectric dissipation factor (tanδ) measurement in wide ranges: Capacitance 100pF - 10μF, tanδ 0 - 100% and test voltage up to 30kV.
The meter can measure both grounded and ungrounded specimens preciously and safely, and is ideal for development test, inspection test, and preventive maintenance on equipments, such as Generators, Motors, Transformers, and insulating materials.


● Capacitance Range   : 100pF - 10μF
● Test Voltage : AC100V - 30kV
● Internal Standard Capacitor (CT&Cs Tank)
● Grounded Specimen(GST) or Ungrounded Specimen(UST) can be selected.

Test Specimen

Generators, Motors, Coils,
Power Cables,
Power Transformers,
Instrument transformers,
Capacitors and Insulating Materials


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