Digital Partial Discharge Analyzer


Effective diagnostics to maintain the performance and operation of critical facilities

Partial discharge is an electrical discharge that can lead to serious problems in high-voltage insulation system.
The partial discharge waveform that occurs when voltage is applied contains important information related to insulation defects.
By identifying the locations where the partial discharge occurs and making a comprehensive analysis based on data such as the amount of charge and discharge pattern, it is possible to assess the risk of the system.
Partial discharge analysis is effective to prevent the system from being in dangerous situations.

SOKEN Model DAC-PD-9 is a digital partial discharge analyzer that applies to IEC 60270, which is referenced in a variety of IEC standards for PD measurement.
DAC-PD-9 provides narrow band, wide band and ultra-wide band measurement up to 40MHz, which enables to select an appropriate frequency band for each specimen.
All data will be sampled in time series, and statistical measurement can be performed. In the wide band measurement, the positive and negative polarities of the discharge waveform are discriminated and displayed. The further analysis is possible by creating graphs with the stored data.


PD Analyisis

The polarity of partial discharge waveform is automatically determined and the number of positive and negative occurrences are displayed.
You can create 2D and 3D graphs from saved data and use it for discharge analysis.

V-Q Mode

When V-Q mode is selected, max PD charge amount (Qmax/pps) according to rise/fall of the test voltage is automatically acquired to see the voltage/charge amount characteristic.

Measurement Composition (example)

(1) PD Analizer DAC-PD-9
(2) Detector DAC-PDE-6
(3) Calibrator DAC-CP-2
(4) Coupling Capacitor DAC-LCC (15kV/30kV/50kV/100kV)
(5) Software (PC is not included)
(6) Test Power Supply (Option)

Test Specimens

HV Transformers, Power Cables, Generators, Motors, Coils Capacitors, Bushings, Circuit Breakers, Switches

Option accessories


Calibrator DAC-CP-2
●Output Voltage :5V、50V
●Lamp Time :<20nS
●Generating Pulses :0 - 10000pC
●Repetition Frequency:50Hz
●Power Source :Battery 7.2V


Detector and devider DAC-PDE-6

●Applicable Frequency Band:10kHz - 4MHz
●Max. Applicable Current
:Balance Circuit 5A
:Un-balance Circuit 50mA
●Test Frequency :50/60Hz
●Test Voltage Dividing Capacitor:2μF

Coupling Capacitor

Coupling Capacitor DAC-LCC-30
Rated Voltage: 30kV
Rated Current: 3A
Capacitance: 1000pF

15kV type: DAC-LCC-15
50kV type: DAC-LCC-30
100kV type: DAC-LCC-100


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