Partial Discharge Measuring Set


Providing both wide band (10kHz - 4MHz) and narrow band (10kHz - 200kHz), DAC-PD-3 is applicable to partial discharge tests of electric equipments, such as generators, motors, transformers as well as insulating materials and power devices.


● Electric Equipments :Generators, motors, transformers, cables
● Electric Parts: Capacitors etc.
● Insulating materials
● Power devices
● High frequency equipments: compact high frequency transformers


● Select bandwidth of frequency
   Narrow band: 10kHz - 200kHz
   Wide band: 10kHz - 4MHz
● Detects only partial discharge pulse by suppressing noises from testing source with a differential measuring circuit.
● Automatically measures Q-MAX at a specified repetition rate of partial discharge pulses per second (PPS).
● Possible to analyze “partial discharge – phase” since phase gate is set ptionally.
● Noise suppressor circuit is controlled from outside through GP-IB.


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