Winding Tester


Further downsized and weight-reduced with incorporation of semiconductors
Compatible with impulse testing for medium- to high-voltage rotary machinery windings

● The tester generate a surge pulse for testing Medium High Voltage Rotator Windings.
● With an external storage oscilloscope, excellent viewability of waveforms can be obtained.
● Eliminates unwanted stresses on specimens by minimizing frequency of occurrence of impulses
● Compact, lightweight design and reduced power consumption with adoption of semiconductors in the pulse generating circuits and reduction in frequency of occurrence of impulses to a required minimum
● Developed for windings in medium- to high-voltage rotary machinery, allowing generation of impulses with a sufficient level energy also for windings of low inductances
● Minimizes variations in waveforms in the rising phase of impulses
● Drastically suppressed jitter compared to conventional spark-gap or gas-filled discharge tubes, and more stabilized operation attained independently of environmental conditions or mechanical vibrations owing to the adoption of thyristor switches
● Virtually maintenance-free operation


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