Electrical Steel Sheet Tester


The Steel Sheet Tester Model DAC-BHW-6 is capable of measuring magnetic flux density (B), magnetizing force (H) and core loss (W) of an electromagnetic steel sheet (a single strip sheet).
With PC software, a hysterics curve is drawn in a PC, and the data can be saved and recalled for the further analysis.

Test Specimens

Oriented and non-oriented core in sheet


・Magnetic flux sine wave even in high magnetic flux density field.
・Measurement at frequency of 50, 60, 100, 200 and 400Hz.
・B-H curve observation in a PC.
・PC software for various graphs processing and data analysis.
・Discrimination graph of Iron loss to see eddy current loss and hysteresis loss separately.
・Closely coincident results with data obtained by Epstein Method.
・No influence by gaps in magnetic path by introducing the original magnetic circuit.
・Easy and simple operation from LCD touch screen.
・Compact and light weight.
・Manual and Auto Sample testing.

Various graph processing (Software)

B-H Graph : B-H Characteristics (flux density vs. magnetizing force)
B-W Graph : B-W Characteristics (flux density vs. core loss)
W-F Graph : W-F Characteristics (iron loss vs. frequency)
μ-F Graph : µ-F Characteristics* (permeability vs. frequency) *µ is calculated from B/H.
W Discrimination: Eddy current loss and Hysteresis loss are discriminated from Iron loss.

W Discrimination Graph

Eddy current loss and Hysteresis loss can be observed separately.

Iron loss is mostly expressed as a sum of hysteresis loss and eddy current loss.
Normally, as frequency becomes higher, the percentage of eddy current loss in iron loss becomes larger. Knowing characteristics of iron loss in details is helpful in evaluating the quality of the steel sheet as well as designing it to minimize energy loss.

B-H curve observation in a PC.

DAC-BHW-6 controls the magnetic flux sine wave even in high magnetic flux density field. (Form Factor 1.11).
By using software, you can observe B-H curve in a PC and save the data in csv format.


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