Iron Loss Tester


Importance of magnetic characteristics tests
Electrical steel sheets (silicon steel sheets) that make up magnetic circuits have a significant impact on the quality of electrical equipment.
Managing and improving the quality of electrical steel sheets are very important for manufacturing stable products.
Generally, magnetic characteristics tests are performed with an Epstein measurement.
The Epstein measurement is a test method that has long been used in commercial transactions worldwide because it provides reproducible values in a particular test condition.
However, conducting the Epstein measurement requires expertise and time to cut electrical steel sheets in the correct direction and size using an appropriate cutting tools and to set 12 or more samples into an Epstein frame.
To meet the demands for easy confirmation of the grade of electrical steel sheets, SOKEN has developed a single sheet tester that can easily determine the overall iron loss value with only a single sheet.

DAC-IR-3 is a simplified measuring instrument to give judgment on grade of a single steel sheet.
With DAC-IR-3, you can easily check the iron loss value by setting the plate thickness and selecting the magnetic flux density from 1T, 1.5T or 1.7T.

Test Specimens

Electromagnetic Steel Sheet
(Non-Oriented and Grain-Oriented Core)


● DAC-IR-3 can measure Core Loss in W/kg or W/lb with a single sheet sample.
● Direct reading of core less is possible by simply inputting the thickness of a sheet sample and selecting flux density from 1T, 1.5T, 1.7.
● The instrument can be controlled by PC through RS232C Interface.
● Measured result can be printed with an optional thermal printer.

Operation Movie of DAC-IR-3


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