Electronic Current Burden


● Programmable burden used for current error testing in accordance with international standard IEC 60044-1.
● Testing current can be varied over a wide range: from 1 % to 200% of the rated secondary current.
● Rated burdens from 0 to 50VA are programmable.
● USB Interface is a standard fixture.
● Lead wire compensation (the maximum of 0.2 Ω) by connecting with four terminals is possible.
● Max real burden is up to 400VA with option units. (when 200% at rated secondary current 1A)

Specifications (Example)

Rated Secondary Current : 1A and 5A
Test Current range : 1% to 200% of the rated secondary current
Rated burden setting : 0.000 to 50.0 VA (Max 400VA as option)
Burden Power factor : Delay 0.5 to 1
Test Frequency : 50/60 Hz


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