High Voltage Insulating Tester


Provided with a built-in high voltage source of 0-10kVdc, DAC-HIT-3 is a designable insulation tester for high voltage rotation machines and stator coils. The tester allows knowing a polarity index (PI) to judge a condition of degradation or absorption as well as a leakage index (LI) to see a status of absorption and dryness.
A memory function can store data at each time, and GP-IB interface allows automatic measurement and data processing with a PC.
Costomized insulation diagnostic systems including DAC-HIT-3 are available upon request.


Direct current tests of high voltage rotating machines and stator coils.


Maximum output voltage
Polarization index (PI) and leakage index (LI) are automatically measured
GB-IB included suitable for optimization


●Output Voltage DC 0-10000V negative polarity
●Measuring Range:
   Absorption Current 1x10-10 - 1x10-3A
   Insulation Resistance 1M ohm-9999G ohm
            200nA Range 0-200nA (Maximum 9999 G ohms)
            2uA Range 0-2uA (Maximum 999.9G ohm)
            20uA Range 0-20uA (Maximum 99.99 G ohms)
            200uA range 0-200uA (Maximum 9999M ohm)
            2mA Range 0-2mA (Maximum 999.9M ohm)
●Resolution: Absorption current 0.1nA (200nA Range)
   Insulation Resistance 0.1MΩ (2mA Range )
●Measuring Accuracy: Current 200nA - 20uA ±10%±1digit FS
            200uA - 2mA ±5%±1digit FS
            Votlage ±5%±1digit FS
●Analog Output:Range F.S +10V
●AC Input: AC90 - 250V 50 / 60Hz
●Size and Weight: W430*H200*D380(mm) 12kg
●Accessories: 1. Measuring Cable (5M)  1
        2. AC Power Code     1
        3. Grounding Cable (5M)  1
        4. Accessory Bag     1


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