Digital Micro Ohmmeter


DAC-MRG-2 is designed to measure the low resistance of motors, transformers, power cables and rotating machines and electrical parts.
The compact design in a aluminum trunk body facilitates transport as well as operation at on-site test.
Introducing 4-wire measurement method, the meter provide a stable measurement of minimum resolution 0.1µΩ.


Coil Resistance of Motors, Transformers
Conductor Resistance of Power Cables, Electric Wires
Contact Resistance of Switches, Circuit Breakers
Resistance of Fuses, Welded parts


● Measuring Current 10A / Minimum resolution 0.1μΩ
● Internal 3 steps filter circuit allows to the stable field test.
● High accuracy measurement with the 4-terminal measuring method.
● To remove the test samples safely, test discharging monitor circuit is provided so that the charging energy is discharged.
● Operation from topside panel, suitable for On-Site test


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