Partial Discharge Measuring System


DAC-6021 is the ideal system for partial discharge measurements of electrical and electronic devices, such as EV motors, IGBTs as well as high-frequency transformer components and insulating materials. The system is composed of a partial discharge measurement device, a high-voltage test power source, detector, coupling capacitor and a safety test chamber, and is capable of automatic testing with less influence of noises.


● Compatible with IEC 60270, 60664-1
● Test voltage range: 0 - 5 kV (30 kV max*)
● Test frequency: 46 Hz - 1 kHz
● Capable of safe high-voltage testing
● Less influence of external noise
● Provided with a mounted warning light and emergency stop circuits

*Please consult us.


● EV motors
● High-Frequency Transformers
● Ceramic capacitors
● Electrical insulation materials


PD Test Voltage – Time Characteristics

Apply an optional voltage to the sample for an optional time to obtain the discharge charge amount. Max 4 types (A, B, C and D) voltage-time measurement patterns can be registered and judgment can be made for each pattern.

PD Test voltage – Discharge Charge Amount

Perform PDIV/PDEV test. The voltage applied to the sample is increased at a constant speed to determine the partial discharge inception voltage, and decreased to determine partial discharge extinction voltage.

PD Occurrence Frequency – Discharge Charge Amount

Apply a certain voltage to the sample and count the number of partial discharge occurrences at each charge amount. Test voltage of max 15 levels can be input and data at each test voltage can be obtained.


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