Phase Rotating Direction Checker


DAC-PR-2S provides a non-contact means of detecting and displaying the direction of rotation of motors. The direction of a motor’s rotation can be determined even if the rotor
is visually hidden or absent, because this instrument senses the phase rotation of the leakage field of the motor’s rotating magnetic field.
The direction of rotation of a DC motor also can be determined when its rotor is in motion, generating a rotating magnetic field.
In addition, this phase rotation checker can be used for any kind of equipment that generates a shifting magnetic field, such as a linear motor.


AC Motor, DC Motor, Pulse Motor, etc.


●Method       : Detection of differences in the phase of magnetic field
●Measuring distance : Within about 10 cm from the surface of the specimen
Frequency 40Hz-70Hz
●Control signals   : Start: Contact input
             NO/GOOD output: Contact output
●Power supply    : AC90-250V ±10% 50/60Hz, 15VA
●Dimensions     : Main unit  : W300×H130×D230 (mm)
             Sensor unit : W48 x H24 x D55 (mm)
             Lead wires : About 5 m long
●Weight       : About 5 kg


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