Hot Line Coil Winding Resistance & Temperature Meter


DAC-HRT-1 is designed for accurate temperature rise testing of motors, transformers, coils and chokes under energizing with AC voltage. Direct reading of the resistance value is possible with the 4-terminal measurement method. This device is ideal for checking and verifying the temperature rise characteristics of windings.
Temperature is automatically calculated and converted from the measured resistance value and displayed.


▪ Reliable resistance measurement of coil winding under energizing AC voltage.
▪ Excellent accuracy with 4-terminal sensing method.
▪ Automatic calculation of temperature.
▪ Wide range from 0 to 40000 ohm, test voltage max 450 V.
(Up to 700 V when with an optional adaptor DAC-HVA-3).
▪ Easy and simple operation through PC software.
▪ Optional selection control box for multi-channel measurement.
▪ In accordance with JIS 5311 : Testing methods of power transformers for electronic equipment.

Test Specimen

Motors, Transformers, Coils, Chokes and etc.

Advantage of Hot Line Measurement

Until recently, the coil winding resistance is confirmed while the motor is stopped. This method assumes a natural logarithmic change in resistance after stop of operation, but complex products do not always follow this principal. In particular, the coils of motors with fans cool rapidly, and there can be a large different between the off-line value and the actual value.
To verify and ensure the safety of the product, it is ideal to measure the coil temperature while it is in operation state. Accurate measurement is possible with DAC-HRT-1.


PT sensor Model DAC-PT-100

Ambient temperature is automatically taken in by connecting the sensor with DAC-HRT-1.
 Measuring range: -50 to 150 ℃
 Accuracy : ±0.5 ℃
 Connector type : R05-P6F

Selection control box Model DAC-SCB-2

By combining DAC-SCB-2 with DAC-HRT-1, a sequential test of max 10 different specimens or test points is available.
The number of channels : 10 channels
Testing Power Capacity : AC250V 15A or 450V 10A
Power Source : AC100V/200V ±10% 50/60Hz
Size & Weight : W430xH200xD385mm, Approx. 16kg

DC Blocking capacitor box DAC-CHR-1B

DAC-CHR-1B is one of option Capacitor Boxes which can use by simple connection. (2A, 7A and 23A capacitors built-in)


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