Hot Line Coil Winding Resistance Meter


DAC-HRE-1 is designed for temperature rise tests of motors, transformers, coils and chokes under energizing AC voltage. The direct reading of resistance is possible with 4-terminals measurement method, and temperature is calculated from measured resistance values.


● Automatic Test with PC through RS 232C interface.
● Temperature rise test of electric coils under energizing AC Voltage Max 450V.(*)
  (*) AC Max 700V (sine wave) is available by using an optional adaptor.
● By using an optional thermal printer kit, print-out of measured values and temperature conversion values is possible. Also, print-out every given time is available with an interval mode.
● In accordance with JIS 5311 : Testing methods of power transformers for electronic equipment.

Test Specimen

Motors, Transformers, Coils, Chokes and etc.



DC Blocking capacitor box

DAC-CHR-1B is one of option Capacitor Boxes which can use by simple connection. Select an appropriate capacitor range in accordance with testing current.
Built-in Capacitor : Electrolytic Capacitor
Maximum-allowed-current value :2A, 7A, 23A (one-each capacitor built-in)
Size & weight :W210xH133xD160(mm) Approx. 3kg

DC Bocking capacitors

Combining capacitors 2A, 7A, 23A and 45A, customized capacitor boxes (single/Three-phase) are available depending on your test specifications.


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